-2 décembre / Place to B, Paris

Place to Brief is an everyday evening briefing, shaped as a live talk-show, taking place in the Lounge, on the main stage. A panel of 3 to 5 international speakers will create a conversation on the thematic of the day. This program will be live streamed at

What is the role of technology in changing the world?
We need to scale up decarbonisation with major Research, Development, Demonstration and Diffusion efforts (RDD&D) to develop low-carbon technologies and ensure their availability and affordability. How to endow everyone with the power to create? What are the social and cultural factors that prevent existing solutions from scaling up?

Is technology enough to reverse the negative consequences of climate change? Are we putting too much hope in the idea that we can engineer our way out of this difficult situation? What are the feedback loops started when disruptive technological innovation is unleashed. What are the potential dangers and how do we weigh them against only imagined implementation.

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